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Though the ship's mast, rudder and several oars remain, and her dragon, head and tail are stored at the Museum of Science and Industry, many parts of the Viking have disappeared.

We appeal to those who might know of their whereabouts and request their return.

Can you help us?
We are accepting donations of items and memorabilia relating to the Viking. Items will be carefully cataloged and may be used as a part of the Viking ship exhibit.





Visit these links to learn more about Viking ships.

Dragon Harald Fairhair , the largest Viking ship in the world today, will sail from Norway to America in 2016.
Dragon Harald Fairhair, her construction
Dragon Harald Fairhair, launching, naming and hoisting her sail

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway
See and read about the Gokstad, AD 890

The Gokstad ship, Vestfold, Norway
more about the Gokstad

The Hjemkomst - a recent replica of the Gokstad

Longship - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, mentions the "Viking"

Viking ship construction

Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark

Video of the Sea Stallion 2007

Vikings: Raiders or Traders?
Smithsonian magazine, July 2008

The Longship Company Ltd. is a nonprofit educational organization in the Washington, DC area that maintains and sails reconstructions of Viking era vessels and welcomes members of the public to come along on day voyages as guests.

Additional Videos:
The Viking Ships - part 1, 2009
The Viking Ships - part 2, 2009
The Viking Ships - part 3, 2009
The Viking Ships - part 4, 2009
The Viking Ships - History Channel, 1996

Visit these links to learn more about the Viking.

The Book of the Fair
by Hubert Howe Bancroft
Chicago, San Francisco: The Bancroft Company, 1893

Viking ship - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Viking - the first Gokstad replica - from

The day Viking appeared off the shores of Pelham, NY - from Historic Pelham.


Visit these links to learn more about the inland journey.

The Erie Canal - history

Tour the old Erie Canal - images

Illinois and Michigan Canal - history

The International Port of Chicago - history


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