Viking Ship in Lincoln Park

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On display in Lincoln Park, Chicago The dedication of the Viking ship in Lincoln Park took place on November 6, 1920. On this date, the Viking ship was transferred to the Commissioners of Lincoln Park (later to become part of … Continued

From Chicago to New Orleans

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“… and that Viking was the only ship that had sailed over the Atlantic ocean, thereafter gone through the Erie Canal and through the Great Lakes and on down canals and rivers to the Mexican Gulf.” Magnus Andersen At the … Continued

Viking Ship at Jackson Park

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From The Book of the Fair “The Viking ship, which divides the naval honors with the Spanish caravels, is constructed on the model of that discovered in the “Kingsmound” at Gokstad, near Sandefjord, Norway, by a sailor in 1880, and … Continued

From Norway to Chicago

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  The Viking is a replica of the Gokstad ship. Excavated in 1880, the Gokstad was called the most beautiful ship ever built.   Of the Viking it was written… “Her lines are remarkably beautiful, resembling those of a yacht, … Continued

Assessment of the Viking

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On November 10, 2007 the Viking ship was professionally examined and evaluated inside and out, from stem to stern. Howard Wellman, a conservator of archaeological materials who has done shipwreck archaeology, and Robert Fink, a boat builder, examined the ship. … Continued

Correct Name of the 1893 Viking Ship

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“VIKING er ditt navn.” (VIKING is your name.) There is a widespread misunderstanding that the ship initially was named the Raven, and only later renamed Viking. When one investigates the sources, there is no doubt that Viking is the correct … Continued