Members of the Friends of the Viking Ship Stabilization Committee have been working hard, and their efforts have resulted in an adequate support system for Viking. To be properly supported, the ship needed to be supported entirely on the steel cradle—with no reference to the ground—and supported in many more places—including the lower hull. This has finally been accomplished!

The Stabilization Committee followed the advice and diagrams provided by Norwegian Viking ship builder, Gunnar Eldjarn. The committee contracted Methods & Materials to weld the inner and outer supports onto Viking’s steel cradle, and to fabricate the adjustable screwjacks and “shoes”. Crosspiece supports had already been installed in October 2014. The crosspieces support the keel at every other rib along the ship’s length.

The support jacks and “shoes” were installed in March 2015. The inner (lower) jacks that provide support for the lower hull were welded to the crosspieces. The outer (upper) jacks that provide support for the upper hull were welded to the “I” beam out-riggers.

Over the summer, volunteers continued to paint the steel cradle. On August 10, Cantigny employees Andrew Woods and Dave Blake used their Service Days to help sand and paint. On October 10, seven others volunteered to work at the ship.

This autumn, temporary “pillows” were created. Every wood “pillow” is a different shape. They were cut to conform to the specific strakes they support, at the rib they support. The “pillows” provide the cushion interface between the metal “shoes” and the ship. Viking’s keel and hull are now sufficiently supported.

Temporary wood “pillows” provide cushion between the shoe and strakes