Thom Bell, of eyewondermedia and BPSvideo, as part of his documentary about the research being done on the Kensington Runestone by Richard Nielsen and Professor Henrik WIlliams, from Uppsala University, visited our ship to learn about her story.

To set the stage for his documentary, Thom interviewed FOVS Board member, David Nordin, gathering insight into the history of Scandinavian-Americans during the 1800’s.

In the interview, Dave mentioned how, at that time, the printing of the Icelandic Sagas, the desire of Scandinavians to understand their Viking roots, and the spirit of Norwegian nationalism, each played a role in Viking participating in the Columbian Exhibition. While Dave described the construction of the Viking ship, its voyage, and its welcome by tens of thousands of Fair-goers, Thom’s video focused on its size, shape and beauty.

The Viking Ship from BPSVideo on Vimeo.