From Chicago to New Orleans

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“… and that Viking was the only ship that had sailed over the Atlantic ocean, thereafter gone through the Erie Canal and through the Great Lakes and on down canals and rivers to the Mexican Gulf.”

Magnus Andersen

At the conclusion of the World’s Columbian Exposition, Viking was towed through the Illinois and Michigan Canal and down the Illinois River to Grafton. She then sailed down the Mississippi River to New Orleans.

Read an article from 11-29-1893 HERE. “Thousands of People View the Strange Norse Craft”

Viking remained in New Orleans over the winter.

Never able to complete her journey around Florida and up the East Coast to Washington, D.C., Viking was towed back to Chicago.

After her return, the Viking sat beside the Field Columbian Museum (now the Museum of Science and Industry) Here Viking was neglected.

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  1. Charles Stanley

    Would anyone know the dates the Viking was towed down the Illinois & Michigan Canal after the World’s Fair?

  2. Jamie Larson

    Yes, Charles. The ship entered the I&M Canal on November 2nd, 1893 and exited November 10th.

  3. Charles Stanley

    Thank you. That is very helpful.
    One more question. Did the shields mounted on the ship have a design on them?
    Many thanks!

    Charles Stanley

  4. Joe Henning

    Not sure if information is available but have a question. I have read in a publication that the Viking sailed up the Mississippi to Minneapolis. However, in the letter from the Captain posted here he states that at Grafton he decided not to go up the Mississippi because the river was too shallow at that point. In winter I can see the issues. Is there any record of the Viking sailing to Minnesota on the return trip? Not finding anything with an internet search. Is there a copy of the ship’s log for the trip down and back?
    Thank you.

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