Viking Ship in Lincoln Park

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On display in Lincoln Park, Chicago

The dedication of the Viking ship in Lincoln Park took place on November 6, 1920.

On this date, the Viking ship was transferred to the Commissioners of Lincoln Park (later to become part of the Chicago Park District).

The head and tail are now in storage at the Museum of Science and Industry.
The Committee at the dedication of the Viking ship in Lincoln Park, November 6, 1920.

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  1. Hedy Carrera

    My mom and I came to Chicago from Quito Ecuador on Sept 5th 1959. We would go to the Lincoln Park Zoo all the time in the summers growing up. My favorite thing to do was see the Viking ship. Im so very happy i can still go see the ship. Thank you for raking care of history.

  2. Edward Hammond

    I remember going to see the Viking ship in Lincoln park in the 1950”s when I was about 10yrs old it was gone before my sis and bro were born. When was it removed from the park I heard it was moved tominnisota is that true?

  3. Elnathan A. Ross

    Hi Lincoln Park Historians, I am living in Florida now, age 78, talking to friends about my most cherished motors as a kid gazing at the Viking Ship, I am so glad you have restored it. Fantastic job. Sincerely,

  4. Jef Coburn

    What a great attraction! Where in the zoo was the ship located when it was displayed there?

  5. Dolores smith

    I remember seeing this ship. It is in my memory since I was 10 years old.

  6. Hedy Carrera

    Here my mom and I are back in Ecuador. But this Vikings Ship was in Lincoln Park Zoo many years ago
    I look forward to seeing this ship again in April. ❤?‍♀️?

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